05 SEPTEMBER 2022 – 09 SEPTEMBER 2022

Des Bains Is delighted to present Home is Where the Haunt Is, a double exhibition taking place between the gallery and the Chateau Jolimont, Brussels. curated by Leonore Larrera.

Installed in the dashing spaces of a gallery in London and a crumbling castle in Brussels, "Home is Where the Haunt Is'' aims to play around with the notions of the haunt and the weird. Starting from the architecture of lhe Chateau Jolimont itself, the exhibition's philosophy is to open a breach between this world and others, to make tangible invisible forces, and borders between parallel realities. "Home is Where the Haunt Is" exists in an unstable form, situating itself at the door, in the between - evoking the out-side rather than existing in an accomplished way. An interplay is created by the artists between the two parts of the exhibition: with works as portals, the two spaces function as Lraces, fragments and clues to what is happening elsewhere.

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