Choon Mi Kim, Haroun Hayward, Kentaro Okumura, Ricardo Passaporte, Sara Knowland
Alexei Alexander Izmaylov, Beth Collar, Billy Crosby and Siân Newlove-Drew, Brian Griffiths, Harley Kuyck-Cohen, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Ruoru Mou, Francesco Pacelli

CONTINGENCY, Part I presents a group of seven paintings from five different artists who exhume historical rhetoric, to pull apart the medium’s assimilated heroes. COZZIE LIVS is a group exhibition holding a nightlight to the absurd activity of contemporary commentary.

Choon Mi Kim 
Sad Gingham, 2023
Oil on canvas
120 by 170 cm

Kentaro Okumura 
Ladder, 2023
Oil on wood
36 by 22 cm

Haroun Hayward
Composition with Moon Grey, Mid Grey 2022
Oil paint, oil pastel, and gesso on panel
Framed: 38 by 30.4 by 4.7 cm

Kentaro Okumura
Candlelight, 2023
Oil on wood
27 by 18 cm

Kentaro Okumura
Stumbling and Dancing, 2022
Oil on wood
60 by 40 cm

Sara Knowland 
Policed Sows, 2023
Oil on canvas
46 by 61 cm

Ricardo Passaporte
Untitled, 2020
Oil and spraypaint oncanvas
180 by 150 cm

Thomas Liu Le Lann
Philippe, 2020
Wood, rope, steel, vinyl, synthetic wadding, denim, cotton

Harley Kuyck-Cohen
Losing Half A Lifetime, 2022
Beeswax, furniture, fishing net, fishing rod, found objects, horse whip, shooting stick, tennis rackets, walking stick

Brian Griffiths
Head-back Chin-up (No No to Knock-Knocks), 2023
Wood, plywood, metal, cardboard, paint, tools, fixtures and fittings

Brian Griffiths
Left Left (No No to Knock-Knocks), 2018
Wood, plywood, metal, cardboard, paint, pencil lines, fixtures and fittings
Brian Griffiths
Slow Slope (No No to Knock-Knocks), 2018
Wood, plywood, cardboard, paint, fixtures and fittings

Francesco Pacelli
Utopias (salt and sun and equilibrium),2023
Stainless steel, Xps, polyurethane foam, aluminium powder, pewter, cellulose, plaster, stainless steel spheres, acrylic pigments, epoxy resin, glass micro-spheres, glue, tulle, hematites rock

Beth Collar
Rock Fac, 2022
Pencil on plaster
Beth Collar
Ängste, 2022
Pencil on plaster
Thomas Liu Le Lann
Chevalier d’Argent (Chevalier d’Argent wears a camo PMS shirt), 2021
Tricycle, jersey, vinyl, organic printed cotton t-shirt, steel, wood, and wadding

Billy Crosby and Siân Newlove-Drew
⁺ ⁺ In search of our ⁀➷ most ҉ precious resource… ˚ ˚˚ -͙˚  ·˚ ₊· ͟͟͞͞, 2023
Nightlights, gang extension cable, collaged elements
Ruoru Mou
Becoming a Crane (Tsuru), 2021
Glazed ceramics on wooden stools

Harley Kuyck-Cohen
Palimpsest, 2022
1961 Fisher Price Snoopy Sniffer pull toy, oak, ink, plywood, stretcher bar, varnish

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov
CHANNELS, 2022-2023
Synthetic polymer, PLA, plug paint