Shaan Bevan
(California USA, b. 1990)

Based between London and France, Bevan works primarily with expanded field painting, drawing, writing and installation. Her practice is largely material-led, utilising auto-destructive principles, symbolic figuration, and storytelling to process her personal experience of disease and ongoing recovery. The work challenges the notion of closed or controlled systems, and explores the ethical conundrums of material extraction, transformation, and effect. Simultaneously the work functions as a tool to help the artist visualise the invisible interior of the body and mind, exploring the tension between the lifelessness of sterilized medical environments, and the poetic phenomenologies experienced within the body of the patient, enquiring if poetic eroticism is helpful, or even necessary in processing medical trauma. Recent shows include The flesh of the world crying out in a language made of our own waste Shaan Bevan with Owen Pratt, Zaza ‘, (Milan, Italy); Fickle, Sudden, Total Group show, Liza Leopardi, (Naples, Italy); Spiral Drift Group show, Terrace Gallery, (London UK).


2023 - MFA Painting, The Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK
2014 - BA (Hons) Womenswear, London College of Fashion, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2023 - Chord/Accord, Des Bains, London, UK 
2022 - ‘The flesh of the world crying out in a language made of our own waste’, Zaza, Milan, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 - ‘Fickle, Sudden, Total’, Liza Leopardi, Naples, Italy
2021 - ‘Spiral Drift’, Terrace Gallery, London, UK


2020 - Felix Slade Scholarship
2020 - Shortlisted (final stage) Sarabande Scholarship Competition