Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana
(Lima, Peru, b. 1991)

Born in Callao, Peru, BRYAN GIUSEPPI RODRIGUEZ CAMBANA harvests a multidisciplinary practice throug the kinesthetics of Afro-diasporic genres of music such as Hip-Hop and Salsa. The relation to surreal imaginings and personal narratives, seeks to develop a language born out of the dysfunctional marriage between the performances prescribed by these genres (their visual culture) and a fine art context – participating in a conversation about movement, desire, bodies, colour, race, and poverty. Giuseppi's work has been exhibited in various galleries, museums, and festivals, including The Queens Museum in Queens, New York; ENCUENTRO in Mexico D.F; and The International Festival of The New Latin American Cinem in Havana, Cuba. He is also a recipient of More Art’s Public Art Grant in New York City (2018) and the Chelsea Arts Club Trust MA Materials and Research Awards in London, UK (2020).



2021 - Masters of Fine Arts at Goldsmith University, London, UK
2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA 


2022 - Ópera de Balcón, Solo exhibition at Cell Project Space, London, UK
2022 - Synchronous Errors, FOLD, London, UK
2022 - Curved Space, PEER Gallery/ACME, London, UK
2022 - Chela’s: Esa Vez Que Perreamos y Todos Nos Vieron, Solo Exhibition at Des Bains, London UK

2021 - Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries 2021, FirstSite, Essex and South London Gallery, London, UK
2021 - All that and a bag of Chips, DesBains Gallery, London, UK
2021 - Mattflix, Matt’s Gallery, London, UK
2021 - Cortópolis Festival Latinoamericano de Cortometrajes, Córdoba, Argentina
2021 - Dancing to My Future, Deptford X, Deptford, London
2021 - La Placita: Crashing the Party, Goldsmiths Exhibition Hub, London, UK
2021 - The Pigeon Pavillion, The Bangkok Biennale, London, UK
2021 - Residencia Otro Norte, Lima, Peru

2020 - DEAR DESTRUCTION online exhibition, London, UK
2020 - Encuentro XI, Hemispheric Institute at NYU, D.F, Mexico
2020 - Waiting for the Session to Begin, Public Installation in Coney Island, More Art Public Art Grant, NY, NY
2020 - Goldsmiths Film festival, London, UK

2019 - Frontera Sur Festival: Tercer Festival Internacional De No_Ficción, Concepción, Chile
2019 - Cinetorio Experimental Film Festival,Cali, Colombia
2019 - Transcinema Festival Internacional de Cine Vol 7, lima, Peru
2019 - 9° Festival Latinoamericano de Cortometrajes Cortópolis, Córdoba, Argentina
2019 - 37th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany
2019 - Hungry Eyes Festival, Giessen, Germany

2017 - New Latin Wave, Brooklyn Bazaar, NY
2017 - Scared Crows ,Womp Projects, Brooklyn, NY
2017 - The Great Black Expanse, Powrplnt, Brooklyn, NY
2017 - EXPO CHICAGO/Minimum Requirement, Silent Funny, Chicago, IL
2017 - Miami Performance Festival, Edge Zone, Miami, FL
2017 - SKIN, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015 - Emergency Index Vol. 3, Launch Party at L.A Book Fair at MOCA Geffen Contemporary, LA, CA
2015 - Performeando 2015, Queens Museum, Queens, NY
2015 - Todo Bajo Control 2015, AS220, Providence, RI
2015 - Millennial Tragedy, Press Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
2015 - Bqstqn//Chicagq: Specialties of the House, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
2015 - Festival Internacional de Cine Lima Independiente 2015, Lima, Peru
2015 - Wildlife Sanctuary ,Samsøn Projects, Boston, MA
2015 - Muestra de Cine y Video Contemporáneo Peruano, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015 - Encuentro IV/Espacio abierto a libre performance, No Name Gallery, Lima, Peru
2015 - Ghetto Biennale 2015, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
2015 - Docuperu XII, Lima, Peru
2015 - Transcinema: International Nonfiction Film Festival, Lima
2015 - ARTcetera, auction at AIDS ACTION, Boston, MA

2014 - Illuminus 2014 / Boston, MA
2014 - Give & Get/Have & Take 2, Whitespace Gallery, Scotland, UK & Something Felix Gallery, Boston, MA
2014 - Videada vol.4 & 6, El Galpon, Lima, Peru
2014 - APUFF 2014, Lima, Peru
2014 - !Que Lástima! .2, The Beland Gallery @ the Essex At Center, Lawrence, Boston, MA

2013 - International Festival of The New Latin American Cinema, Havana, Cuba
2013 - Todo Bajo Control , La galeria@ Villa Victoria, Boston, MA
2013 - Festival Internacional de Cine Lima Independiente , Lima, Peru
2013 - Ripa , UQAM, Montreal, Canada
2013 - Performeando at Grace Space, New York, New York
2013 - Miercoles de SOMA presents Daypussy SOMA, D.F, Mexico
2013 - Histories of Now: Space for Dialogue and Activism, Barbara and Steven Grossman Gallery, Boston, MA

2012 - Muestra Marrana, Barcelona, Spain
2012 - Video raymi, Cusco, Peru
2012 - Smash hits, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Boston, MA
2011 - Baby Shower, collaboration with Ximena Izquierdo Zona 30, Lima, Peru
2011 - Performeada, collaboration with Ximena Izquierdo, El Galpon, Pueblo Libre, Peru