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Malcolm Bradley
17 June22 July

Gut feelings are fascinating phenomena: something deep within sends off a warning signal. They function as a kind of preconscious decision maker that has mined the unconscious and generated a conclusion, pushing it up but failing to provide a logical explanation. Telling an anxious person to trust their gut can often yield misguided results. As one, I often struggle to distinguish between genuine warnings and false alarms as my stomach churns, my heart races and my mind spirals. They all feel like gut feelings to me. Anxiety is often preoccupied with a fear of the future as the constant droning of what if loops in the background. One way out of this warped temporality is through bringing yourself into the present, back into the body: think of five things you can see, four things you can touch, and so on. Like some mind melting comfort blanket, I scroll through my iPhone, the ultimate time thief and trickster, deceiving me into believing I’m back in real time, an “unrelenting present”. This endless present makes us all vulnerable to becoming anxious people, exacerbated by lives being surveilled online and incessant reminders of imminent threats; we are in a constant state of suspension, digitally twitching in a world saturated with affects.

Amongst this chaos sits Malcolm Bradley’s intensively physical and autobiographical practice, offering meditative moments on the corporeal body and its symbiotic relationship with the mind, bringing you into the real-time present. Dilations has emerged from an ongoing conversation with San Francisco based pioneering electronic musician Joel Graham, who self- released the hypnotic track Geomancy in 1982.

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